​The AWS Group together with Incap offers a complete turnkey solution for the entire product life cycle.

 "Our technical capability ensures that we can support almost any market sector where there is a requirement for electronic or electro-mechanical product assembly”

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Speed to market is often critical to the success of a new product launch.

AWS Fast Track is a unique stand-alone facility based at AWS' UK site, offering rapid prototyping and small batch assembly with an extremely fast, accurate and reliable service.

The key to our manufacturing ability is an experienced and capable workforce using state of the art equipment and software. Our highly experienced operators are all able to place your fine pitched components and BGA requirements, each utilising their own PC controlled SpeedPlacer placement guide software system with its program generated directly from your original data.

Your Fast Track requirements are quoted and procured directly from your BOM to avoid the delays of MRP set-up by the AWS dedicated Fast Track team. We work with free issued parts, consigned material or carry out full procurement. Parts are received into the dedicated Fast Track Store and kitted directly to your job.

Your documentation including drawings, Gerber files and specific instructions are stored and managed through the unique ‘AWS Data Control’ system.

AWS will provide you with a comprehensive feedback report to enhance your design process for future builds. Our engineers will review your engineering data in detail and highlight issues that could potentially cause costly delays during production.

“AWS will provide you with the fast response you need to complete your prototype or pre-production build on time”



AWS provide a full range of new product introduction (NPI) services. This includes full design support from concept stages through to design freeze. AWS has extensive engineering capability that uses proven techniques such as:

  • Design for Manufacture (DfM)

  • Design for Test (DfT)

  • Design for Maintenance (DfMt)

  • Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (DFMEA)

  • Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA)

  • Problem Management (8D Root Cause Analysis)

Working directly with customer design teams we take the product through all stages of the development phase to ensure robust and capable manufacturing processes. The optimisation of the production process using these techniques means we achieve lowest cost, not only for the cost of product but also associated costs of launch.

Our focus is to minimise problems at launch by following industry best practice in the management of problems at the right time of the development (pre-production).

The Problem Curve:

Managing NPI Processes for Ideal Curve Saving Significant Cost and Improves Customer Satisfaction

The Problem Curve: New Product Introduction

The cost of fixing problems in development and launch phase is significantly less than when you go past Job 1, potentially as much as eight times less. Problems in the field also cause customer concerns, re-calls, high cost rework and introducing change is expensive, let alone the corporate image impacts.

The skill is managing the process of test and validation at the early stage and ‘finding’ problems, rather than hiding them. Once problems are found then ‘root cause analysis’ using 8D ensures that solutions are found and problems engineered out.

AWS provides these skills under its NPI service offering and matches this to the maturity of the customer design team in these techniques.




In order to be perfectly integrated, the manufacturing cycle requires that the electronic, mechanical and associated components arrive at the right place at the right time. From order-taking to delivery, precise scheduling allows us to manage the supply and manufacturing processes in line with our customers' delivery requirements.

AWS' supply processes are automated to optimise efficiency and ensure their reliability.  The integrated AWS Control system allows us to place our orders quickly and efficiently.

Our purchasing and logistics departments are capable of finding components anywhere in the world. AWS relies on a network of global suppliers carefully selected for their technical and economic performance. 

In addition to supporting the manufacturing process, logistics is key in ensuring a project's success: delivering the final product to the desired site on time, transport management, customs clearance and communication of the logistic documents.

We can also handle and store your product inventories in our warehouses and deliver them directly to your customers after customisation (fulfilment).

AWS are contracted to review customer Bills of Materials (BOMs) to manage component obsolescence both during and out of warranty periods.



In addition to core manufacturing capabilities (assembly of finished products, sub-assemblies, PCBs and cable harnesses), the Group has considerable capabilities in areas such as design support, sourcing, after-sales support and obsolescence management.

AWS provides manufacturing solutions for both sub-assembly and full product manufacturing, covering prototypes through to final production in small to medium volume quantities. AWS covers a vast range of products from complex robotic control systems, radar surveillance and warning systems through to complex scientific or electro-mechanical equipment, including High Voltage power supplies, Waveguide and RF circuit assembly.  Labour intensive assembly can be supported through our Central Eastern European assembly facility based in Slovakia to ensure cost effectiveness within the total acquisition costs.

Service features include:

  • Customer dedicated contract teams and assembly cells

  • Dedicated account management, short communication lines to shop floor

  • Full procurement or complete/partial free issue

  • ERP/MRP system, kanbans, JIT

  • Batch or flow line assembly

  • Functional testing to contract requirements

  • Traceability and documentation according to customers’ requirements

  • Access to status information through website

  • Packaging to clients’ specifications

  • Warehousing, stockholding & consignment stocks

  • Distribution (domestic or export) to customer, line-side, HUB or to end user

  • Obsolescence planning and management

  • MRO – Maintenance Repair and Overhaul



AWS believes that customers strive to provide the most reliable product to their end customer. A successful test strategy will reveal the defects most likely to occur in the electronics manufacturing process and will therefore improve product cost effectiveness and ensure delivery of a reliable quality product to market.

As PCB assemblies become increasingly more complex, the ability to test these using traditional methods and systems becomes more difficult. Therefore, considering Design for Test (DfT) in the early stages of product development is vitally important to ensure that adequate test coverage and fault diagnosis can be achieved.

DfT benefits include:

  • Increased test coverage

  • Reduced test times

  • Robust, repeatable products

  • Reduced test costs

AWS' dedicated test managers work closely with the design and production teams to monitor and advise on every aspect of test development, to ensure that leading edge test solutions are embedded during the manufacturing process.

Our  test engineers routinely develop cost effective Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) and custom functional test systems to verify the performance of products, from PCBAs and Sub-Assemblies to Higher Level System Assemblies, to meet the contract requirements.

AWS offers a wide range of test options, ensuring that we can offer the correct test strategy for your products.

Test and Inspection services offered:

  • ICT (In-Circuit Test)  |  Teradyne Spectrum 8800  |  Yelo 7130B | Teradyne 1800

  • AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) | Mirtec MV-3L x 3 | Cyber Optics Flex Ultra HR x 2

  • X-Ray   | Nikon X-Tek machines x 3

  • Flying probe test  |  SPEA 40/40 x 2

  • Boundary scan  |  JTAG stand-alone stations x 7  |  XJTAG – XJ Runner  |  Corelis

  • Functional test  |  MK test automated harness test system x 3

  • HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening)  |  Sigma 800, including vibration




The AWS Group is committed to providing high technology services for the whole electronics lifecycle from design and prototyping; through manufacture, test and installation; to after sales care, such as MRO (Maintain, Repair and Overhaul).

AWS have a track record of undertaking MRO activities for customers and through our dedicated repair engineers we specialise in aspects of managing repairs, reverse engineering, and obsolescence management within a wide range of technologies and sectors.  AWS is aware that many of these MRO activities are supported by your critical and costly engineering resource.  We provide you with an opportunity to free up this valuable resource that you currently use on legacy repairs. We have progressed from simply being a contract manufacturer to providing services at product development stage through to end of life and in particular, MRO. Our skills in electronic engineering, procurement and project management that serve us well in these traditional areas are now proving valuable at a time where our customers are restricted with capital spend and are seeking cost effective solutions to asset management. ​

AWS operates in a wide range of industry sectors and the MRO operation is no different, with AWS providing product support in such diverse areas as mining equipment, satellite systems, medical equipment, road and rail infrastructure and vending equipment. ​

AWS service in MRO covers the following:

  • Dedicated repair facilities with expert engineers for both current and legacy equipment

  • Repair services for non-AWS product, including now defunct original manufacturer equipment (OME)

  • Refurbishment to “as-new” standards, including upgrades

  • Obsolescence management

  • Reverse engineering, (particularly with respect to legacy equipment)

  • Experienced in managing MRO outsourcing and TUPE transfer

Please visit the Case Studies tab to see how AWS customers have benefited from AWS managing their MRO activity.



ISO 9001:2015 (UK) (Slovakia)

ISO 13485:2016 (UK) (Slovakia)

AS9100D (UK) (Slovakia)

ISO 14001:2015 (UK(Slovakia)

Cyber Essentials (UK)

OHSAS 18001:2007 (Slovakia)

IATF 16949:2016 (Slovakia)

In addition to the above AWS work in accordance with a number of additional standards e.g. Telecom (BABT), Oil, Gas & Mining (ATEX – Intrinsically safe), Security (List X), always supporting the clients' specific process and procedural requirements.